Butterworths Arbitration Awards / Law Reports 1998-2016

Butterworths Arbitration Awards / Law Reports 1998-2016

Unbound set in excellent condition.


Detailed Information

  • Title: Butterworths Arbitration Awards
  • Author/Editor: LexisNexis Editorial Staff
  • Publisher: Butterworths/LexisNexis

Product Description

  • Complete, unbound set
  • Excellent condition

The Butterworths Arbitration Awards covers reportable arbitration awards from the CCMA, AMSSA, SALGBC, etc, via an alphabetical, cumulative Index or by the court bargaining councils and private arbitration awards. It is published monthly, ensuring that subscribers are timeously kept abreast of all important awards of the CCMA, bargaining councils and private arbitrations. Arbitration Awards includes a comprehensive summary of each award with the full text of each award in its original form.

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