About Thorolds

Since 1904, Thorolds Africana & Law Booksellers has built an international reputation for sourcing and trading in sought-after publications, including Contemporary Africana, General Books, Current Law and Legal Subscriptions.
Thorolds Africana & Law Booksellers prides itself on our outstanding customer service, and has been servicing the legal community, supplying all necessary books and subscription material to the learned society of judges, advocates, lawyers and institutions of higher learning.

In addition, we provide new books on every field of interest, subject or topic. Thorolds Africana & Law Booksellers provides a comprehensive service to both international and regional clients. Besides our extensive inventory, our excellent relationships with all significant publishing houses enables us to fulfill almost any request.

Thorolds Africana & Law Booksellers offers our clients unrivaled access to an unmatched regional inventory and a wealth of information, including:

  • New academic, legal and general material
  • New law and general journals and reports
  • New book notification service
  • Specialist advisory service regarding South African law and general publications
  • Subscription agent

For fast, personal and exceptional service, contact us today!

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